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Super.com Actively Seeking To Accelerate Growth To Support The Gaming Industry As One-Stop-Shop

August 20, 2021

We are happy to announce that Super.com is accelerating the company's growth and increasing its industry leadership position through select acquisitions to grow its portfolio of innovative and inclusive video game studios and publishers.

"Super.com lives up to the core belief that 'Gaming is for everyone,' by making innovative and bold strides with the goal of increasing inclusivity in the gaming space. We are seeking to add to our family and invest heavily in new technologies and creative studios," stated Oleg Sambikin, CEO and Founder of Super.com.

With the focus on assembling a global powerhouse that delivers leading titles and next-generation AI game-technologies, Super.com is working to acquire select companies that improve the industry with inclusivity and accessibility. Recently, Super.com invested in Mars Vision, an innovative new application that will allow the visually impaired to play games without the need for modding.

"Adding to our family of creatives and publishers will allow our products to be more ground-breaking and edgy; and most importantly we want every team that joins us to become our stakeholders in making gaming accessible to everyone," added Sambikin.

Super.com is led by a seasoned team of former executives from the video game industry, global investment banks, and private equity firms. The company publishes award-winning action games across all significant modern gaming platforms and invests in upcoming and innovative development studios across the globe.

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