Your Game Studio

We invest in studios in the early stages, focusing on those with PC and console game titles. Our objective is to grow the valuation of studios with a typical initial investment of $1 million, with potential future rounds of financing.

Super targets game titles in the action genre that blend traditional game mechanics with a fresh, innovative twist. We cherish studios that can shape unforgettable player experiences. Our vision is to help these passionate developers grow their IP and studios into successful industry leaders.

Investment Principles

Future Focused

We have long-term goals, focusing on growing game projects into successful franchises.

Early-stage investments

From concept to pre-production, we are passionate about finding the gems in the gaming industry at early stages.

Creative Freedom

With Super, developers are unencumbered by any restrictions on their creative process. We only keep track of the deliverables. You control the game, and we support you financially.

How We Can Help

As an equity fund, we support your game from many angles. We help build networks in the industry, showcase your game to prominent experts, facilitate additional financing, and much more.

Investments and Networking
Sourcing investment

Securing the necessary resources to make your project prosper is difficult. We work hand-in-hand with investors, sparking their interest in your project and delivering financial support to satiate nearly every budget.

Relationships with publishers, platforms and gaming companies

We have deep roots in the video game industry. We can plant seeds for your growth, pitching your game to premium-grade publishers or securing special conditions from stores and platforms.

Game documentation

Are you lacking game documentation? We can help prepare the proper materials to ensure that you excel in reaching your goals.

Your Game
Evaluate your game's potential for its target audience

Want to know how your game will perform before a soft launch? Say no more. We will arrange playtests and collect user feedback to gauge revenue estimates.

An advisory board of top gaming experts

Super provides an elite squadron of battle-hardened industry veterans who provide consultation regarding development, production, and the marketing behind your title.

Your Studio
Legal setup

Solid legal processes and documentation are essential en route to a successful game studio. We will assist you through the whole process – be it incorporation of the studio or drafting equity financing agreements.

Worldwide HR

Dream of hiring that rockstar engineer skilled in designing voxel rendering engines? We help find them and put them on your team.

Establishing a back office

Running a game studio can turn into a nightmare if the proper processes are not in place. We will provide guidance and resources for setting up a back office for your venture.

Our philosophy stems from an understanding of what it takes to be popular and successful. No one wants to wait for the next best thing. We like to get in super early and make the best of the potential your game has to offer. Give us a shot, describe your idea, and we will reach out.

Games We Invest In

As an equity fund, we support your game from many angles. We help build networks in the industry, showcase your game to the prominent experts, facilitate additional financing, and much more.

Companies Portfolio

We are thrilled with the quality of technologies that are available in the backbone of the gaming industry. If your project appeals to the global gaming market, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.