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Prolific Publisher of Award-Winning Titles, Super.com, Takes a Look Back at Where It Started and Where It’s Headed

August 17, 2021

Super.com is an indie games publisher and investment firm founded in 2018, has been operating actively in the gaming market since 2019 with one goal in mind: to support and fund studios creating fantastic games. Over the last two years the company has grown its portfolio substantially, publishing not just quality titles, but groundbreaking games, like the critically acclaimed and best-selling Raji: An Ancient Epic. The company has made some big moves recently and the future's looking brighter than ever, with more studio partnerships and some stellar titles in the pipeline.

What is Super.com?

With a reach that spans nations, languages, cultures, and genres, Super.com offers developers important mentorship, guidance, and support. Since 2019 the company has invested more than $15 million into game studios and tech startups, and now boasts partners in the USA, UK, Europe, South Korea, India, and Brazil. Super.com strongly believes in supporting “the little guy” and is keen to explore emerging markets.

Gaming for All

Super.com has published a wide range of titles from incredibly talented and diverse studios. Super.com’s titles include the critical and commercial success, Raji: An Ancient Epic, Retro Machina, which won Best Brazilian Game at this year’s Brazil’s Independent Games Festival, and Denmark-based Portaplay’s title Broken Lines. The publisher currently has 14 game projects in the works and big plans for the coming years. And it’s not just games, Super.com is also investing heavily in new technologies and their creators. Recently, Super.com invested in Mars Vision, an innovative new application that will allow the visually impaired to play games without the need for modding. Truly living up to the core belief that "Gaming is for everyone", Super.com is making big strides with the goal of increasing inclusivity in the gaming space through Mars Vision.

A Bright Future

Not content to rest on their laurels and walk away after a game is launched, the team at Super.com continues offering post-launch support for developers, assisting in the development of new DLCs and updates for games such as Broken Lines. Of course, supporting current titles is only part of the equation, as Super.com plans to invest a whopping $14 million US and sign 3-5 more projects by the end of 2021. Recent partnerships and publishing deals include Gruby Entertainment and Another Angle Games, studios composed of former AAA game developers that Super.com will support in bringing their newest titles to market.

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